Saturday, August 14, 2010

Mixtape: Young Jeezy – 1,000 Grams

Young Jeezy lets loose this brand new mixtape with the help ear-hurtful drops of Dj Scream. The tape seems to lean heavy on Young Jeezy reinforcing that he comes from the streets and has been involved in large deals. On “Death Before Dishonor,” Jeezy raps about over Rick Ross’ B.M.F. record and sort of solidifies that he knows Big Meech and Larry Hover more so than Rawse. But, Jeezy says the record isn’t taking shots at Rawse, but we all know it is. Anyway, the mixtape features 11 new bangers from Young Jeezy. When will these big name artists realize that they don’t need a dj to host their tapes? It just ruins the music. Sorry Scream… Tracklist, stream and downloads below. Get Right…
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Mixtape: Wale – More About Nothing

Here is Wale’s follow up tape to his critically acclaimed “Mixtape About Nothing.” Wale follows up well with brand new music. Put together with the help of Dj Omega. You can download Wale’s older tape here. If you haven’t picked up on it yet. Wale is a huge Seinfeld fan, he’s apparantly seen every episode more than 5 times. He also made this new tape a trending topic on Twitter. Nice work. Download the whole mixtape after the jump. Get Right…
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Mixtape: J.Cole “The Blow Up”

J.Cole really needs to start releasing some new music. Luckily the good folks at Hip Hop DX put together a little mixtape/compilation of some of the newer tracks that Cole’s released since his last mixtape “The Warm Up.” J. Cole’s debut album is definitely in my top 5 most anticipated releases for 2010. I’m just hoping he doesn’t get shelved. A lot of people would think that him getting shelved could never ever happen, but anything can happen with these labels. Never say never. For the meantime, while we wait on J.Cole, enjoy this mixtape, “The Blow Up.” If you haven’t download “The Warm Up” yet, you must and you can right here. Tracklist, stream and downloads after the jump. Get Right…
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Mixtape/DVD: Young Money – The Riker’s Island Overtake

The new mixtape features 19 new tracks. Appearances include Eminem, Flo Rida, Sean Kingston, Chris Brown, Birdman + More. The DVD features various behind the scenes footage showcasing Birdman and the Young Money members. This is a must have for any Young Money fan!
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Mixtape: Dj Green Lantern & Jay-Z – Creative Control

Dj Green Lantern & Jay-Z come together for an “official” mixtape. In terms of time the material on here isn’t new, but as far as we are concerned it’s a dope compilation of rare remixes and unreleased Jay-Z material. Definitely something to add to the collection. Green Lantern explains more about it in detail below. Spotted at Rap Radar first. Tracklist, stream and downloads after the jump. Get Right…
Dnt know if u saw yet but Team Invasion compiled all the shit I’ve done with/for/including Hov for the last few years and calling it Creative Control.. A name I came up with for a series where I’m just working with acapellas and have full Creative Control (nothing at all to do with Dame Dash’s company of the same name)
.. Anyways its pretty much a “best-of” and defntly NOT anything like Presidential Invasion was supposed to be.. Dope nonetheless tho … There , long enough email? #okayBye
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Mixtape: Chiddy Bang – Air Swell (A Mini Mixtape)

Typically this space on is reserved for major mixtape releases. But, every now and then we post up a tape that we feel deserves the spotlight and the promotion. We recently stumbled upon Chiddy Bang while scouring the internet for new music and mixtape releases that are creating a buzz. This “mini-mixtape” was released a couple months ago, so pardon the lateness if you already have this tape or know of it. After giving this tape a listen, we think that Chiddy Bang are on the right direction in terms of creating music and pushing limits of creativity. The production handled by Xaphoon Jones (1/2 of the group), is somewhere between, hip hop, rock, electronica and dubstep. The other member of the Philly based duo is the mc, who goes by the name of Chiddy. Get it. You can find more info about Chiddy Bang on their Twitter and Facebook pages. I still think that Chiddy Bang have a little bit of maturing to do as far as their music is concerned, but I have no doubt that if they keep on their grind good things will arise from their talent and creativity. Check out the mixtape and let us know what you think. It’s only 7 tracks short. Tracklist, stream and downloads after the jump. Get Right…
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Mixtape: UNDRCRWN, DJ Jazzy Jeff & Mick Boogie – Summertime

One of the greatest dj’s, Jazzy Jeff, and one of the greatest mixtape producers/dj, Mick Boogie, come together with the help of clothing label UNDRCRWN and MTVTN to bring another sumertime cookout mixtape for all of us to enjoy. The mix features classic sunshine music from the likes of Kool and The Gang, Ice Cube, Bush Babies, LL Cool J, Pharcyde, De Las Soul, James Brown and much more. 49 songs expertly mixed and cut up by Mick Boogie and Dj Jazzy Jeff. An excellent summer mixtape. Check it out. Enjoy your 4th of July and be safe. Get Right…
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Mixtape: Mick Boogie, Rick Ross & Big Boi – Southernplayalisticmaybachmusic

Here goes the brand new mixtape from Mick Boogie, Rick Ross and Big Boi. We told you this one was coming and here it finally is. Big Boi and Rick Ross both have album releases on the close horizon and Mick Boogie decided to help out with the promotions and put together this creative concept mixtape. The mixtape features verses from Big Boi laid a top of Rick Ross records and then Rick Ross verses laid on top of Big Boi/Outkast records. A dope mixtape indeed. Props to Miss Info for getting it first. Mick Boogie doesn’t cut corners when it comes to his production on mixtapes and music in general. Download this one. Always a free mixtape download here. Home of the free hip hop mixtape downloads. Tracklist, stream and downloads after the jump. Get Right…
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Mixtape: BD – Winning Me

Fresh for the summer, BD releases his new mixtape “Winning Me.” For those who may not know about BD, he is an extremely talented all-round artist coming out of New York City. I personally have watched him grind and grow as an artist throughout the years I have known him. He got his first real major start a couple years ago with a single produced by the legendary Scott Storch. He then made his way to signing a major deal with LL Cool J on his imprint record label. Now, back on the grind, after parting ways with his former label, BD is back on his grizzly. With a major single release coming this summer, BD is definitely an artist to look out for. His sound is unique and although he leans a little towards pop, his overall style and music is very eclectic. Check it out and spread the word about BD. Also, check the video trailer from the upcoming film about his life as an artist in NYC. Tracklist, stream and downloads below. Get Right…
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